Messianic Judaism: Who are we?

We are a Messianic Congregation in Ocala, Florida comprised of Jewish and Non-Jewish people who proclaim Yeshua (the original name of "Jesus" in Hebrew) as the promised Messiah and express our faith in a Jewish context. As Messianic believers we have embraced our faith's Jewish roots and heritage, sharing in its identity, while at the same time faithfully acknowledging the completeness of the new promise through Yeshua the Messiah.

Messianic Shabbat services are rooted in the traditional worship services of Judaism. G-d's Holy Days (Leviticus 23) are observed as well as many Jewish practices and customs. As the covenantal responsibilities of Judaism are maintained, Messianic synagogues present Yeshua as a legitimate option for Jewish people.

As Messianic believers we accept the Torah (Teachings and Law), the Tanach (Prophets and the Writings), and the B'rit Hadasha (the New Covenant) as the inspired Word of HaShem (G-d).

We understand that when a Jew accepts a Jewish Messiah, born in a Jewish land, who was foretold by Jewish prophets in the Jewish Scriptures, such a Jew not only remains a Jew, in fact, he becomes a completed Jew; a Jew who believes Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah.

When a non-Jew accepts Yeshua as their Messiah, they are grafted in to the commonwealth (spiritual nation) of Israel. No longer an alien but a joint heir to the promises and blessings bestowed upon G-d's people.

Rabbi Mark